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We specialise in body transformations. Training determined individuals who want to transform their physique for the better and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Without giving up on the lifestyle they love!


We do it a little different here at Diverse. With a planned weekly timetable for group training and personal training for those who want it. Our private state of the art facility provides a safe place to enjoy your training and challenge yourself to reach new personal bests! Our training is designed around our core values: developing strength, increasing fitness & maintaining mobility… all whilst dropping the body fat and transforming your physique!


So, say goodbye to wandering around busy gym environments with no actual game plan. We have that covered.


We promise that you’ll fall in love with the way we do things here. Download our app, view our timetable and book your free trial session here.


We are different from a regular gym. Our core values involve ensuring all of our members are training safely whilst always being coached. Regular gyms are great for some people, but they can also be a rather intimidating place for most. Our coaches are expertly trained to ensure that you get the most out of your workouts whilst consistently being helped and assured. 

Diverse Fitness was founded by Ross who has over 7 years experience in the fitness industry. Previously coaching from commercial gyms, Ross had first hand experience of the problems clients were facing; being left to their own devices with little to no professional help, and wondering what they needed to be doing to get an efficient workout in. The uninviting & intimidating atmospheres these gyms can have left clients feeling unmotivated.

That’s why in 2015 Diverse Fitness was created. So that the coaches could take these problems away and create an environment where clients would look forward to coming to the gym rather than fearing it. Over the last 7 years he has helped hundreds of clients achieve things they didn’t think were possible and has always been a results driven coach.

We strive ourselves on ensuring the clients journey is the best it possibly can be, all whilst achieving the greatest results.




Coach Craig was brought in to the coaching team after a fantastic story. Craig originally began with us as a client. He will be the first to tell you he was never a fan of training or many sports as a teenager but found his love for fitness after transforming his whole life & physique around with us as a client. He loved the process so much he studied to further his Knowledge & become a personal trainer. His great energy makes his group training sessions very fun and motivating for all.



Charlie Ginley has joined the coaching team in November 2022. Like Craig, Charlie started out with Diverse as a client and has been for the last 4 years. He’s seen first hand how much of an impact we have had on other peoples lives and wanted to be a part of this. He’s spent the last year gaining the relevant qualifications & working with us to perfect his craft as a coach whilst gaining as much experience as possible. His background with sports coaching has helped him become a natural leader & possess all the great attributes you need to be a great coach. His friendly & motivating style has already gone down wonders with our current clients and he will be a great asset to the team going forward. Welcome aboard Charlie!


Coach Emily joined us in 2019 when we opened up at our St Marychurch Location. She is our resident Diverse Stretch coach. With her warming and very friendly approach to coaching she is a perfect fit to look after our more relaxing class. Diverse stretch is perfect to unwind after a stressful day or also great to improve your mobility and general movement.



Our 2500 sq ft facility is custom-built around the member journey and helps us create an inclusive community experience. We have top of the range equipment and changing facilities. 

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