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Saturday 4th November, 11am

12 Diverse Fitness members

2299 10m lengths weighted sled push

2299 calories on rower, bike erg & ski erg

Why 2299?

equivalent to the 2299-mile-long White Nile River running through Uganda, Africa.

On November 4th a team of 12 awesome humans from Diverse Fitness Torbay will take on the challenge to support healthier, comfortable, and safer nights of sleep for families across two communities in Uganda.


The challenge...


The team will push a weighted sled 2299 lengths of the gym. They will then row, cycle, and ski the calorie equivalent 2299-mile-long White Nile River running through Uganda, Africa.


We are doing this to support the Sleepwell Project 2024 - which replaces old dirty, dusty, unhealthy lumps of foam, providing families in Uganda with brand-new comfortable mattresses, mosquito nets, and blankets.


If you’ve ever had a bad night’s sleep you know how much it can affect your world the next day. Could you imagine sleeping like this every night?


We all need good sleep to maintain our mental, physical, and spiritual well-being, so when I learned about the great work this project does I wanted to do something to support it.


Our aim is to raise £1500 which would support around 40 families benefitting from the Sleepwell Project 2024.Your donations will go directly into buying the mattresses, mosquito nets, and blankets.


The challenge begins at 11 am on Saturday 4th November at Diverse Fitness Torbay. Come down and cheer the team along!


Any support you can give is hugely appreciated by all of us taking part in the challenge, the team delivering the project and most of all - the families who will be sleeping well on their new mattresses!

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