Have you ever joined a gym, yet you're not sure what exercises you should be doing to achieve your goals?

That’s why Diverse Group Training sessions are great. 

Coach led. Accountability focussed. 




You no longer have to worry about aimlessly wandering around a commercial gym. We plan specific strength and conditioning sessions where all you have to do is turn up, put in 100% effort and the results will follow.

Our group training is not like what you would find in a commercial gym. Our state of the art facility is designed especially for functional group training ensuring you get the most out of every session. With our extensive range of group sessions, there are no excuses to miss a session. From early morning all the way through until evening we have you covered 7 days a week.

Whether you’re new to fitness or have been training for years, we have regressions and progressions to make sure every member gets the most out of it.

Our core values have always been to improve the physical performance of our members no matter the age or ability.

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We have a vast range of strategically planned group sessions to ensure that you achieve the results that you want in a safe & proactively challenging environment. Take a look below or view our weekly timetable here.


Diverse FIT is our bread and butter when it comes to group training. A type of training that can be scaled to any ability. Whether you are on top of your physical game or you're new to the gym scene, all sessions can be scaled accordingly. A whole body workout approach of strength & conditioning type training designed to build strength and compliment fat loss. And with strategically planned sessions, you can rest assured that every single day at Diverse is different.



Diverse BOX is our own take on your popular Boxercise. Using our method of training we incorporate a fun way to learn new fitness boxing drills whilst burning a ton of calories in the process.



Diverse STRETCH is a great class designed to help compliment all of our other classes. Our own fitness based yoga workout is great to rewind after our FIT sessions or if you have any tight muscles and joints which need working on. Coached in a calm environment, this is great to unwind from a busy day.



Diverse LIFT is our small group training where we will be working on progressing the key lifts. Each session will have a Main Lift with some accessory strength work and corrective mobility & core exercises. The sessions are programmed more like a personal training session so you will be working closely with a coach to become stronger and move more effectively. We advise these sessions are not for beginners and speak to a coach if you are not sure if you would be suited at the moment.


How does our group training work?