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New to Diverse Fitness, the introduction of Small Group Personal Training; we're endeavouring to make Personal Training more affordable and accessible to all of our members. We believe Personal Training starts with the person, so our clients will receive a fully customised training experience suited to their own needs to gain the results they want.


Small Group Personal Training (SGPT) is a premium personalised coaching product, designed to help you get stronger and enjoy exercise again! The training program is personalised to each individual based on their exercise history, mobility, movement and goals but delivered in a cost effective way to groups of between 1 and 6 people at a time. All sessions are coach led with one of our expert coaches.


The main focus of SGPT sessions is strength training using weights. Key lifts are taught and progressed each month. Alongside that, we add some corrective mobility and core exercises too. It is a great way to achieve your goals, whether that is fat loss, increasing strength or even recovering from an injury.


What are the benefits of SMALL GROUP PERSONAL TRAINING (SGPT)?



Experience the same level of coaching you would with having a one to one personal trainer. Having the accountability of someone in your corner & providing you with world class coaching will be key to accelerating your results.



SGPT makes personal training much more affordable. This means you can have more access to more sessions per week which in turn with help accelerate your results.



With a full timetable of nearly 30 SGPT sessions per week you have the flexibility to pick & choose the sessions you can make that week and fit around your busy schedules. This means you are not tied down to the same slots each week.



It's no secret that we have an awesome community here at Diverse Fitness. SGPT will allow you to train with like minded members in a structured but fun way. After all fitness needs to been enjoyable so you stick at it long term.



It’s up to us as coaches to make sure that everyone in each session is looked after and getting the most out of each sessions. Although everyone in each session may be at different fitness levels we will make sure each session is tailored to everyone’s wants and needs.

SGPT Timetable
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